Since 2007, as the first and biggest regional community driven project, covering the region of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia and Slovenia, BlogOpen, a non-profit event, is empowering the digital activism and network, by building Internet community.

During the last 5 years, we created the sustainable, coherent community with a large range of immediate and slow going actions, promoting the usage of Internet (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, mobile applications, LinkedIn, Youtube) in order to raise awareness on main issues and empowering the digital society.

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Improving the digital knowledge and the digital activism, with its speed, reliability, scale, and low cost of the digital network are what enable the great scope of our actions.

This year we also focus both on the digital technology that is used in the activism campaigns and for social change and to the economic, social, and political context in which technology use occurs.

This year BlogOpen is a Masterclass!


1. Differences in economic, social, and political factors and how that ultimately alter the technology usage. Access to the Internet is not enough. We need to understand where are we in the regional and world context and how to use it in the best way and manners.

2. We need to learn how to be able to perform in using social media and Internet, how to engage effectively and efficiently, how to recognize privacy, security, and all of the legal issues.

Main subjects:

1. Exploring blogging best practices in personal and professional use.
2. Freedom and boundaries to speak, get and share information over the Internet.  Linking, filesharing, connecting.
3. Strengths and weaknesses of social media usage. Case studies, best and worst practices.
4. Differences between copyrights, copycats, sharing and stealing; exploration in Serbian and regional context and
in the wider scope.
5. Mobile devices and location services.
6. Digital skills.
7. Empowering digital activism.

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